Mindful Emotion Coaching (recording)

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This free session is the fourth of ACAMH’s Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Special Interest Group Monthly seminars. In this session we discuss ‘Mindful Emotion Coaching’.

Slides from the session

Tackling Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) State of the Art and Options for Action

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Additional Questions from ACAMH delegates

About the session

Dr. Sarah Temple draws on her experience as a GP to share a neurodiversity inclusive, trauma-informed approach to wellness. The approach has a quality award with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and is being reviewed for accreditation by the Personalised Care Institute. Sarah merges learning from Anda and Felitti’s seminal study on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) with research on the physiological changes that can occur when babies and children are exposed to toxic stress. She shares how we can learn to hold different conversations that enable awareness of this science as well as deepening understanding of how we can respond to it. The process of coaching encourages people to tap into and grow their internal resources – the coaching programme that Sarah has created contains psycho-education tools that support a greater understanding of those areas of function most likely to have been affected by adversity

About the speaker

Dr. Sarah Temple
Dr. Sarah Temple

I became interested in how childhood experiences affect both physical and mental health outcomes when I was at medical school in the mid-eighties – my student project was on the social and physiological effects of intergenerational adversity. GP training in psycho-somatic medicine in the late nineties further enhanced my interest in attachment theory and introduced me to the Adverse Childhood Experiences data analysed in the seminal study by Anda and Felitti in 1998. In a break from General Practice, I worked in CAMHS and set up the infant and maternal perinatal network in Cornwall before moving to Dorset. I worked with Public Health Somerset between 2015 and 2022 creating neurodiversity inclusive, trauma-informed resources for use in schools and across services into communities.

About the ‘ACEs SIG Monthly Seminars’

Everyone is welcome to our ‘ACEs SIG Monthly Seminars’ are free online webinars offering insights into the latest evidence-base around ACEs topic base. They are organised by the ACAMH ACE’s Special Interest GroupThis SIG was established by ACAMH with representatives from related organisations, to help integrate and develop research and critical understanding of the complex nature of Adversity in Childhood, formulated as ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs’ and the implication for practitioners across services for children and young people. The ACEs SIG is free to join, do please consider joining.


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