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Mental Health in Schools

Foreword from the Editor

Welcome to “The Bridge”. In this edition we are focussing on young people’s mental health in school settings. As I am sure you are all aware, there is a Green Paper with proposals for improving young people’s mental health which include more mental health provision in schools. When considering the development of services it is always important to examine the evidence base for any considered intervention. In this edition we review the Department of Education’s report on what is currently being provided and look at a systematic review of School Based Interventions (SBIs). The authors of the review have looked at the type of SBIs being used, its effectiveness and how practical it is to deliver SBIs to children in need of mental health support in school.

We also have an interview with Professor Dame Susan Bailey who is immersed in this work at present. This interview is available on the ACAMH website as a podcast. You can subscribe to ACAMH podcasts through iTunes or SoundCloud.

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