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November 2020

Welcome to the November 2020 issue of The Bridge. The research featured in this issue covers a wide range of topics relevant to our work with young people, including neurodevelopmental, emotional, and behavioural disorders, their comorbidity, and their links with functioning and quality of life. To reveal new insights about these topics, the studies used uniquely informative designs, such as longitudinal twin designs, and sophisticated analytical techniques, such as machine learning. I hope you enjoy reading about this excellent research.

At ACAMH we’ve also been making plans for an exciting new initiative to learn from research…

CAMHS around the Campfire

ACAMH is teaming up with the Mental Elf to bring you CAMHS around the Campfire, an online journal club for people interested in youth mental health research. Each meeting we’ll get together with subject experts to discuss new research and its implications for young people and clinical practice.

Our first meeting will be held in early December, when we’ll focus on Faith Orchard and colleagues’ study that’s featured in this issue of The Bridge. Faith’s research found that young people who reported poor sleep were at greater risk of developing anxiety and depression later in adolescence and young adulthood. We’ll discuss the strengths and limitations of the study, and consider how the findings might inform strategies to prevent anxiety and depression in young people.

Read about Faith Orchard and colleagues’ study in this issue of The Bridge in the article titled ‘Insufficient sleep during adolescence might pose a risk for later depression and anxiety’.

Sign up to this FREE event now, plus ACAMH Members attending will be eligle for a CPD certificate.

Looking forward to joining many of you there!

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