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    Strategic Priorities 2022-23

    Download the full strategy and take a look at some of the headline objectives.

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  • Refugee Week

    Refugee Week 2022; Encouraging Inclusivity, Resilience, and the Right to be Safe

    This Refugee Week (20 – 26 June), we encourage you to explore the learning opportunities available on our website, and to share with your networks. We have gathered a range of FREE learning resources from leading academics, clinicians, and researchers to raise awareness this Refugee Week.

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  • Nip in the Bud

    How isolation and secrecy fuel the self-harm flames

    During Mental Health Awareness month in May 2022 – focused on the role of loneliness – Nip in the Bud listened to experts and those who have been through it to understand the vicious cycle of trying to cope alone. (TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that this blog discusses self-harm, including personal experiences of self-harm.) This blog was published by Nip in the Bud on 27 May 2022.

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  • Sally Hogg

    Understanding Early Trauma: The case for supporting parent-infant relationships

    Understanding of adverse childhood experiences has grown in recent years. We now know more about how external circumstances cause psychological trauma in some children. When we understand early trauma – and the importance of early relationships – we are better able to prevent, and respond to, children’s mental health problems. [Please note that this is an external blog and may not reflect the views of ACAMH]

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    Helping Teachers Help Pupils With Mental Health

    ACAMH commits to developing a comprehensive series of resources that disseminate research-informed, evidence-based practice in schools, to support children & young people’s mental health & wellbeing

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  • Douglas Badenoch

    Technology-based CBT for youth anxiety: moderate short-term benefits but uncertainty remains

    Blog by Douglas Badenoch of The Mental Elf Service on Dr. Matti Cervin et al paper ‘Technology-delivered cognitive-behavioral therapy for pediatric anxiety disorders: a meta-analysis of remission, posttreatment anxiety, and functioning’.

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  • ACEs

    Join our ACEs SIG and Forum

    Anyone can now join our Adverse Childhood Experiences Special Interest Group, completely free! ACAMH members can log in to the website and participate in discussions on the SIG Forum. If you’re not an ACAMH member (yet!), you will need to register to use the Forum first.

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  • Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry (JCPP) & Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal

    Wiley Transitional Agreement with Jisc included in UKRI Open Access Policy

    Wiley, ACAMH’s publishing partner, reassure that authors who are funded by UKRI, and who are based at an institution that is part of a Wiley Transitional Agreement, can publish in any of Wiley’s ‘hybrid’ journals, due to transitional agreement with Jisc.

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  • self harm image of teen, not self harming

    NICE guidelines for self-harm: a new school of thought

    New NICE guidelines for the management of self-harm in the UK emphasise the important role of non-specialists. In this article, Holly Crudgington and Dennis Ougrin discuss this guidance, focusing on the new advice for schools and its implications.

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  • Autism Awareness Week

    World Autism Acceptance Week 2022

    This World Autism Acceptance Week (28 March – 3 April), we encourage you to explore the learning opportunities available on our website, and to share with your networks. Together we can help change attitudes and work towards creating a society that works for autistic children and young people.

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