Expert Perspectives

Experts discuss the evidence and their perspectives on topics relevant to child and adolescent mental health.

  • Dr. Rachel M Hiller

    Complex PTSD in young people in care

    Aishat Hamzat, Rachel M Hiller and Helen Minnis discuss what research tells us about the mechanisms underlying complex PTSD symptoms experienced by young people in care. They consider implications for treatment and broader support provided for these young people

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  • Dr. Jessie Baldwin

    Are ACE scores useful for identifying individuals at risk of health problems?

    Clinics are increasingly screening for ACEs, but ACE scores may not tell us who will go on to develop poor health, explain Jessie R Baldwin (pic) and Andrea Danese.

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  • Professor Anita Thapar

    Genetics research informing mental health care

    Anita Thapar discusses that genetic studies of mental health have revealed important insights about the influence of genes and the environment, and the nature of disorders. She explains how these insights could improve mental health care for young people and their families now and in the future.

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