2019 sees the 60th Anniversary of one of the most respected and well-read scientific publications – the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, commonly known as JCPP.

JCPP is a monthly publication, produced by Wiley, bringing together empirical research, clinical studies and reviews in order to advance how we understand and approach child and adolescent mental health.

To mark the 60th Anniversary we have organised series celebrations, including; free events with live stream access, articles, interviews, and reflections from past and present editors and authors, free virtual issues, the Top 60 cited papers of all time, research digests of key papers, and a journey into the JCPP story. Not only will we be looking back over the past 60 years will be looking forward to see what the future holds for the field.

We want you to get actively involved in the JCPP 60th Anniversary celebrations. This is your chance to tell us what JCPP has meant to you. You could blog, vlog, or even use a pen and paper and write to us. The floor is yours.

We’d love to hear how JCPP has influenced and inspired you, what your favourite paper was, how the journal influenced your thinking and approach to science, how has JCPP impacted on people in academia and beyond, what did it mean for you to be published in JCPP, what you’d like to see in the future.

For more information about how you can get involved email our publications team, and show your support by following @TheJCPP on twitter and using the #JCPP60.