Tony Attwood – What you need to know about Autism


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Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Sheffield & LIVE STREAM

Tony Attwood

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New Tony Attwood Programme for 2019

About Tony Attwood

We are honoured to have Tony Attwood, Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D., and the world’s foremost expert on autism, speaking to an ACAMH audience. Additionally, we are delighted to be able to extend the reach of this event by offering it as a live stream.

Tony is an International Keynote speaker on Autism and Asperger’s, and together with his own private practice he is Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, Queensland, and a Senior Consultant at Minds and Hearts clinic, Brisbane.

Tony is a best selling author, with sales topping 1 million, and titles translated into 28 languages. He is the author of scientific papers, and has written the primary textbook on Asperger’s syndrome, together with working with thousands of individuals with Asperger’s syndrome or an Autism Spectrum Condition.

“The most informative and insightful training I have ever had…”

About the talks

The day is split into two sessions (morning & afternoon).

Making Friends: Strategies to improve social understanding and friendship skills
The first presentation sees Tony explain the four stages in the development of friendship and strategies to encourage the development of friendship skills and social integration from children as young as three years to young adults. The activities can be applied in the classroom, playground and at home.

Learning outcomes talk Making Friends

  • Understand the social reasoning profile associated with ASD
  • Identify the key social and friendship expectations at each of the four developmental stages of friendship
  • Learn strategies to facilitate friendship abilities for children and adolescents with ASD based on clinical experience and evidence-based programmes
  • Learn strategies to reduce the risk of being bullied and to improve resilience to peer exclusion and bullying

Managing Feelings: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to manage anxiety, sadness and anger
The afternoon presentation will explain why children, and adults, with ASD-Level 1 (Asperger’s syndrome) are more prone to have intense emotions and to develop mood disorders. The presentation also explains strategies that can help moderate and manage emotions.

The Cognitive Behaviour Therapy includes affective education and cognitive restructuring, i.e. improving the understanding of emotions in yourself and others and changing the way the person perceives and responds to emotions. The concept of an emotional toolbox is used to provide a greater range of strategies to manage and repair feelings.

Learning outcome Managing Feelings: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to manage anxiety, sadness and anger

  • Identify the reasons why those with an ASD have difficulty perceiving and expressing feelings
  • Identify activities and resources for the affective education component of CBT
  • Learn the modifications to CBT to accommodate the cognitive profile associated with ASD
  • Identify and explore evidence-based CBT programmes to treat anxiety, depression and anger in children and adolescents with an ASD

“Fantastic…, would recommend to all professionals and parents”

Who should attend

This event should be of interest to those who support autistic children and young people. In particular;

  • Commissioners of health and education services
  • Health professionals
  • Mental Health professionals
  • Parents/Carers of those with autistic children
  • Social Care workers and leaders
  • Teachers and Support Staff
  • Those with an interest in autism and mental health
  • Youth-based service workers and leaders

“I could listen to him all day”



£50 per person. Please note that each person viewing the live stream feed will need to purchase a ticket. We are offering discounts for 8 or more people who wish to watch the event as a group. Please note that this event will be broadcast live. It will not be repeated and live stream delegates will not have the opportunity to watch it after the event.


  • Parents/carers of autistic children £74.00
  • Publications/Digital ACAMH member £74.00
  • Platinum ACAMH member £147.00
  • Gold ACAMH member £168.00
  • Silver/Bronze ACAMH member £189.00
  • Non-member £210.00

Cost of tickets includes;

  • CPD certificate (included on live stream)
  • Q&A opportunity (included on live stream)
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • Networking opportunities
  • The chance to meet members of the ACAMH Board

Amongst our aims is the dissemination of information to bridge the gap between rigorous research and best practice in relation to child and adolescent mental health. One of the ways in which we do this is through our events, and we try to make these as accessible and affordable as is reasonably possible. The events we organise are not profit-making, many are subsidised through our other commercial activities, without which they would not be able to run. As a charity, any surplus that we make is invested back into the business to benefit our Members and the sector. Members get a discounted rate and we hope you consider joining.

“Tony’s talk should be rolled out in every school in the UK”


8.30am Registration

9:30am Making Friends: Strategies to improve social understanding and friendship skills

10.30am Break

11.00am Part 2

12:00pm Q&A

12:30pm Lunch

1.30pm Managing Feelings: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to manage anxiety, sadness and anger

2.30pm Break

3.00pm Part 2

4:00pm Q&A

4.30pm End

Please note that the venue is a consecrated church.