How to Cope When Your Child Can’t: How parents can help themselves and each other


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Parenting and caring for a child who is struggling to cope can be painful and stressful, and can make it very hard to enjoy life yourself. Feelings of blame, guilt, sorrow, despair, fear, and frustration may be swirling around alongside a desperate desire to cure their pain.

Although parenting a child who is experiencing difficulties is a common problem, we can feel desperately alone when it is happening to us. When someone we love is struggling – for whatever reason – we may become unhappy too. For countless parents and children there are problems with no easy solutions.

This free session uses the latest evidence-based research, and examples from parents, to help us understand what we can and cannot do; to help us to accept any distress, worry, anxiety, sadness or loss of control in our situations; to see that we can tolerate these things; and to know that there are ways to move forward.

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About the session

We are delighted to welcome a top class panel of speakers to give evidence based advice and a lived experience perspective to parents, teachers, and clinicians. We are joined by Ursula Saunders, Dr. Alice Welham, Professor Roz Shafran authors of new book How to Cope When Your Child Can’t. Also, we have the Charlie Waller Trust who are developing parent peer support as a crucial part of their work in addressing the mental health of children and young people. Offering evidence -based training and resources and using co-production with parents with lived experience, CWT’s community includes renowned authorities on adolescent psychology, childhood anxiety and depression.


17:00 Professor Roz ShafranIntroductions and background to the topic

17:10 Ursula Saunders, Dr. Alice Welham, Professor Roz Shafran – How to Cope When Your Child Can’t: Comfort, Help and Hope for Parents – about the book

17:20 Professor Roz Shafran and Dr. Alice Welham – Evidence-based strategies

17:30 Ursula Saunders – Why not enough: lived experience/parent tips

17:35 Wendy Minhinnett, Parent/Carer Lived Experience Lead and Kathryn Pugh MBE, Strategic Consultant, Charlie Waller Trust – Harnessing the power of parents: peer support

17:45 Q&A with the panel

18:00 Professor Roz Shafran – Closing comments

About the speakers

Professor Roz Shafran
Professor Roz Shafran

I’m an Honorary Consultant Clinical Psychologist, with an honorary contract at Great Ormond Street Hospital and I work in the psychological medicine team, and I’m also a Professor of Translational Psychology at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. My main area of work is the translation of research findings into clinical practice.

Dr. Alice Welham
Dr. Alice Welham

I am a clinical psychologist and a lecturer at the University of Leicester. I have a broad range of interests in psychology and its clinical applications, with a special interest in working with children and adults with complex needs, including autism and genetic syndromes which affect psychological development.

Ursula Saunders
Ursula Saunders

When my 11-year-old refused to go to school, I found there was little out there to help parents in crisis. He was scared and anxious and my husband and I were trying to do everything in our power to help him, but didn’t know what to do. I hope my experiences can help other cope through difficult times like this. I am a fundraiser in the not-for-profit sector.