• Dr Rachel Elvins and Professor Michael Kaess

    CAMH Editorial: Volume 27, Issue 2, May 2022

    Diagnosing personality disorders in adolescence remains a contentious issue, particularly in the United Kingdom (UK). In this debate section we hear from clinicians, service users and family members on this topic; strongly held views are expressed and evidenced.

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  • Dr. Sian Barnett

    Day in the life of a CAMHS professional

    For this year’s International Women’s Day we wanted to celebrate the work of female CAMHS professionals.
    Dr. Sian Barnett has kindly written a blog to explain the work she does as a CAMHS clinician, the challenges she has faced, and the women that inspired her to enter a career in this field. 

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  • Dr. Argyris Stringaris

    JCPP Editorial: Volume 60, Issue 12, December 2019

    “Are computers going to take over: implications of machine learning and computational psychiatry for trainees and practising clinicians” by Argyris Stringaris

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  • Falling numbers in child psychiatry

    Falling child psychiatry numbers do not make happy reading

    Drop in the number of child psychiatrists from 1,015 full-time equivalent posts in May 2013 down to 948 in May 2017.

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