• Voice-hearing can be positive for some young people

    Researchers in Manchester have described the diverse forms and functions of voices heard by young people. Sarah Parry and Filippo Varese collected demographic, contextual and qualitative data from 68 adolescents (13-18 years old) from around the world who had direct experience of voice-hearing.

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  • Joanne Newbury

    City living and psychosis: Unpicking an old question using new data

    Decades of research point towards a role of urban upbringing in mental health problems, particularly psychosis. Leading theories often refer to the “stress of the city” as a driving factor. Developments in fields spanning geography to genetics call for renewed attention on the topic.

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  • Psychotic Experiences: what they are and why we care about them?

    Over the past 20 years, findings from the field of psychosis research have shed new light on the prevalence of PEs among children and adolescents, revealing that about 17% of children and 8% of adolescents report experiences of these phenomena.

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