low self-esteem

  • Should we pay more attention to self-esteem in young people?

    Researchers in Bordeaux, France have investigated the association between self-esteem (assessed in adolescence or adulthood), with adult academic and psychosocial outcomes.

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  • The overlap between low self-esteem and anxiety/depression in CAMHS

    Our systematic review aimed to establish what is known about low self-esteem and anxiety/depression in young people (<18s). We wanted to find out whether young people with clinically significant anxiety disorders and/or depression also have low self-esteem as measured on validated questionnaires. We also wanted to know whether young people with low self-esteem as measured on a validated questionnaire develop depression and anxiety symptomology later in adolescence and young adulthood.

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  • Elevated anxiety risk in sexual minority adolescents

    Adolescents that are not exclusively heterosexual (“sexual minority”) are at an increased risk of developing an anxiety disorder compared to their heterosexual counterparts, according to recent data from a prospective birth cohort study.

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  • Free read

    CAMH – Volume 22, Issue 1 February 2017

    Lisa Keane and Maria Loades

    Cognitive behavioural therapy for low self-esteem (LSE) has shown promise as a trans-diagnostic model for treating mental health difficulties in adults. To ascertain the potential value of this treatment approach in working with young people with internalizing disorders, we need to develop our understanding of LSE within these mental health conditions.

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