• jcpp advances

    JCPP Advances selected for coverage in APA PsycINFO

    ACAMH open access journal JCPP Advances has been selected for coverage in APA PsycINFO, beginning with the 2023 volume.

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  • JCPP and CAMH Open Access

    Wiley Open Access Agreements to accelerate Open Access Research

    ACAMH publisher, Wiley, announce six new open access agreements with a number of institutions in order accelerate open access research. Researchers in a number of institutions will be able to access all ACAMH journals, as well as be able to publish open access in the JCPP and the CAMH at no charge to themselves from 2022 to 2024.

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  • Prabha Chouina

    Looking back on 2017 to go forward in 2018

    At the journals’ editorial office, we have been reflecting on 2017. Have we continued to improve our service offering to our authors and reviewers? Have we improved our systems and workflows to make the editors’ work at least a tiny bit easier? Have we engaged actively with the editorial and advisory board members and the wider research community?

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