Breaking Down Barriers and Improving Understanding – Autism Acceptance Week 2024

Characterised by social communication difficulties, restricted and repetitive behaviour and sensory anomalies, Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that can impact how people perceive the world around them and interact with others (Lei et al., 2023).

Whilst it is estimated that around 1 in 100 children are autistic, many remain undiagnosed with evidence of increasing waiting times between initial referrals and appointments for suspected autism (World Health Organisation, 2023). According to data published by NHS England, between July and September 2023, children and young people waited on average nine months following their initial referral in comparison to an average of seven months in the same period in the previous year. (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2023).

Furthermore, there is increasing evidence of under-diagnosis and misdiagnosis among autistic females (Harrop et al. 2024). Previous research suggested that the prevalence of autism in boys and girls was at a ratio of about four to one, however recent meta-analytical studies suggest that the sex ratio is closer to three to one (Harrop et al. 2023).

This World Autism Acceptance Week (2 April to 8 April 2024), we encourage you to explore the FREE learning opportunities available on our website, and to share with your networks.

Together we can work towards ‘sharing best evidence, improving practice’ to help create a society that works for autistic children and young people.

The resources listed below build upon our previous catalogues of resources for World Autism Acceptance Week 2023 and World Autism Acceptance Week 2022.

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  • NEW Podcast ‘Neurodiversity, Autism and Healthcare’ with Professor Jonathan Green
  • NEW Podcast ‘The Relationship Between Social Camouflaging in Autism and Safety Behaviours in Social Anxiety’ with Dr. Jiedi Lei 
  • Podcast ‘Oxytocin Administration, Neural Sensitivity, and Autism’ with Dr. Matthijs Moerkerke
  • Podcast ‘Categorical versus Dimensional Structure of Autism’ with Dr. Tom Frazier
  • Podcast ‘Depression in Autism and ADHD: What do we know?’ with Dr. Lucy Livingston

Topic Guide

Open Access papers from ACAMH journals

  • ACAMH Featured CAMH journal Debate Paper ‘Debate: Neurodiversity, autism and healthcare’, (July 2023), Jonathan Green
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    • CAMH journal Commentary ‘Reviewing neurodiversity, autism, and healthcare by Jonathan Green (2023) from an autistic perspective’, (July 2023), Rhiannon Hawkins
    • CAMH journal Debate Paper ‘Responses to commentaries – neurodiversity, autism and healthcare’, (December 2023), Jonathan Green
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