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  • Dr. Bolanle Adeyemi Ola

    CAMH Editorial: Volume 27, Issue 3, August 2022

    This editorial presents the contentious debate among authors from different disciplines on the problems of psychiatric diagnoses with conduct disorder, and opposition-defiant disorder as case illustrations. Furthermore, it provides an overview of opinions of experts on mental health interventions for adolescent refugees.

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  • Dr Rachel Elvins and Professor Michael Kaess

    CAMH Editorial: Volume 27, Issue 2, May 2022

    Diagnosing personality disorders in adolescence remains a contentious issue, particularly in the United Kingdom (UK). In this debate section we hear from clinicians, service users and family members on this topic; strongly held views are expressed and evidenced.

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  • Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry (JCPP) & Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal

    Wiley Transitional Agreement with Jisc included in UKRI Open Access Policy

    Wiley, ACAMH’s publishing partner, reassure that authors who are funded by UKRI, and who are based at an institution that is part of a Wiley Transitional Agreement, can publish in any of Wiley’s ‘hybrid’ journals, due to transitional agreement with Jisc.

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  • Dr. Emma Sciberras

    Climate change-related worry, engagement, and mental health

    In this podcast, Dr. Emma Sciberras and Dr. Julian Fernando discuss their co-authored paper ‘Climate change-related worry among Australian adolescents: an eight-year longitudinal study’, published in the CAMH 2022 Special Issue on ‘Child and youth mental health & the global ecological crisis’.

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  • Professor Lina Gega

    Creative Methods and Digital Media: Supporting Psychological Therapies

    In this podcast, we talk to Professor Lina Gega, joint editor of the Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal, about her work on several interesting projects, focusing on using creative methods and digital media to support psychological therapies.

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  • JCPP and CAMH Open Access

    Wiley Open Access Agreements to accelerate Open Access Research

    ACAMH publisher, Wiley, announce six new open access agreements with a number of institutions in order accelerate open access research. Researchers in a number of institutions will be able to access all ACAMH journals, as well as be able to publish open access in the JCPP and the CAMH at no charge to themselves from 2022 to 2024.

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  • Ecological Crisis and the Impact on Mental Health

    CAMH Editorial: Volume 27, Issue 1, February 2022 – Special Issue: Child and Youth Mental Health & The Global Ecological Crisis

    No previous generation of children has grown up in the context of an existential threat comparable to the climate crisis. This Special Issue examines the implications of the climate crisis for children and young people in relation to their mental health and well-being, and, as a corollary, the implications for mental health professionals.

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  • Ecological Crisis Mental health There's No planet B

    CAMH Special Issue – ‘Mental Health and the Global Ecological Crisis’

    To accompany the CAMH Special Issue on ‘Child and youth mental health & the global ecological crisis’ (January 2022), ACAMH is proud to bring you a series of events, content, and Open Access papers, focusing on the mental health implications of climate change.

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  • CAMH Special Issue – ‘Mental Health and the Global Ecological Crisis’

    Hope and courage in the climate crisis – recording

    This was the third session celebrating the launch of the CAMH Special Issue on ‘Child and youth mental health & the global ecological crisis’ (due to be published in January 2022). ACAMH members can now receive a CPD certificate for watching this recorded lecture.

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  • Letters to Editor

    New – Letters to the Editor in CAMH

    We want you to get more involved with the CAMH journal, whether you are an ACAMH Member or not. We are now are pleased to offer you the chance to be published in the journal via our new feature ‘Letters to the Editor’.

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