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  • JCPP Advances

    JCPP Advances First Year Anniversary recording

    5 fantastic 10-minute lectures from leading researchers, academics, and practitioners on a number of topics in the field of child and adolescent mental health, and will also include a short presentation from Wiley, ACAMH’s publishing partner, highlighting JCPP Advances’ success so far.

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  • Chloe Chessell

    Myth Busting Anxiety recording

    As part of our Myth Busting series we looked at the evidence-base, focused on the facts, and busted some myths when it comes to Anxiety. Our host was Chloe Chessell.

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  • Dr. Matti Cervin

    CAMHS around the Campfire journal club – Technology-delivered CBT for pediatric anxiety disorders (recording)

    For this session we are welcomed Dr. Matti Cervin, Lund University, and Dr Tobias Lundgren, Associate Professor, Karolinska Institutet, to discuss their JCPP paper ‘Technology-delivered cognitive-behavioral therapy for pediatric anxiety disorders: a meta-analysis of remission, posttreatment anxiety, and functioning’.

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  • lonely boy teen

    Suicide in children and young people: Everyone’s concern – recording

    The topic of suicide has been identified as a high priority area, particularly in the context of Covid and lockdown, and subject we should all be concerned with. This practically focused online conference, organised by ACAMH Scottish Branch, had talks from clinicians, education professionals, leading agency and charity professionals, and Public Health Scotland.

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  • teen with psychologist

    Service improvement and research: Innovation and new challenges in CAMHS – recording

    Southern Branch event that showcased the innovative models of care in the region featuring neurodevelopmental conditions and mental health difficulties.

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  • Abstract,Blur,,Boken,,Defocus,-,Image,For,Background.,The,Refugees

    Military conflict and its impact on children – recording

    This free webinar forms part of our series of resources relating to the impact of ‘Conflict and War’. Dr. Stephanie Lewis hosted talks from Professor Dennis Ougrin, Professor Rachel Calam, Professor Mina Fazel, and Professor Andrea Danese. ACAMH members can now receive a CPD certificate for watching this recorded lecture.

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  • Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian

    Myth Busting Autism (recording)

    To celebrate Autism Awareness Week we are put on this FREE webinar, to look at the evidence-base, focus on the facts, and bust some myths when it comes to Autism. It’s was aimed at parents, mental health professionals, special education professionals, and those with an interest in Autism. ACAMH members can now receive a CPD certificate for watching this recorded lecture.

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  • Dr. Jessie Baldwin

    The future of research on Adverse Childhood Experiences: a panel discussion – recording

    Our Special Interest Group on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) launched with a online panel discussion, and audience Q & A, discussing and identifying the key priorities for future research on ACEs. Dr. Jessie Baldwin (pic) chaired the discussion. ACAMH members can now receive a CPD certificate for watching this recorded lecture.

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  • International Women's Day

    Breaking the Bias: Celebrating Women in CAMH – recording

    This International Women’s Day ACAMH celebrated women’s achievements in CAMH, and explored how gender bias affects CAMH professionals. A panel, chaired by Professor Bernadka Dubicka, looked the challenges women have faced in the CAMH profession, examined how gender bias affects CAMH professionals, and celebrated women’s achievements. Panel; Dr. Gordana Milavić, Professor Kathy Sylva OBE, Professor Francesca Happé CBE, Dr. Rhonda Boyd, Dr. Praveetha Patalay, Bethany Cliffe, Clara Faria, and Gloria Cheung.

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  • Mental Health Conditions in Young People: Prevalence, Shifts & Support – Ask the Expert recording

    Professor Mina Fazal joined us for the fourth in the series of sessions exclusively for Teachers. This FREE online event is an exciting new partnership between ACAMH and Coram Life Education (CLE) exclusively for Teachers. It offers insights into the latest evidence-base, together with practical advice to help you help your pupils, and your own children.

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