Voice‐hearing in adolescence – ‘CAMHS around the Campfire’


Event type Informal Journal Club

Online, via Zoom 17.00 UK, (USA - 12 noon ET, 11.00 CT, 09.00 PT)

Dr. Sarah Parry

Our FREE virtual journal club ‘CAMHS around the Campfire’, kicks off its 2021 run on Thursday 28 January 17.00 UK, (USA – 12 noon ET, 11.00 CT, 09.00 PT) with a discussion focused on a paper about voice-hearing in adolescene.

We will be looking at this Open Access CAMH paper by Dr. Sarah Parry and Dr. Filippo Varese ‘Whispers, echoes, friends and fears: forms and functions of voice‐hearing in adolescence’. doi.org/10.1111/camh.12403 First published: 11 July 2020

Dr. Sarah Parry & Dr. Filippo Varese kindly summarised the paper in this 10 minute video abstract. Plus there is a research digest of the paper. There is also a more expansive 30 podcast with Dr. Sarah Parry on the topic.

Each ‘CAMHS around the Campfire’ is a 1-hour meeting featuring a new piece of research, which we’ll discuss in an informal journal club session. ACAMH’s vision is to be ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’, to this end the focus will be on critical appraisal of the research and implications for practice. Primarily targeted at CAMHS practitioners, and researchers, ‘CAMHS around the Campfire’ will be publicly accessible, free to attend, and relevant to a wider audience.

A panel, comprising Dr. Sarah Parry, an independent expert, and a young person, will discuss the research and its implications. This discussion will be facilitated by Andre Tomlin (@Mental_Elf) who will also be posing the questions you post live online.

All you need to do to sign up to this free event is click on the Book Now button at the top of the screen and complete the form that follows. You’ll then receive an email confirmation and a link to the webinar, plus we’ll send you a calendar reminder nearer the time. Plus those ACAMH Members attending will be eligible for a CPD certificate.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Dr. Sarah Parry
Dr. Sarah Parry

Dr. Sarah Parry is a Clinical Psychologist and Practice Fellow with experience of working in a range of NHS and private sector organisations. Sarah principally works in the field of trauma and children’s mental health. Research interests include therapeutic uses of formulation and the therapeutic utility of compassion for clients and practitioners alike. Sarah and her colleagues also explore how interpersonal trauma can impact aspects of people’s lives, and how adults and young people develop coping strategies in response to traumatic experiences. Sarah’s research has been published in a range of peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Children’s Services, the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, and the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation. Biog via Manchester Metropolitan University

André Tomlin

André Tomlin is an Information Scientist with 20 years experience working in evidence-based healthcare. He’s worked in the NHS, for Oxford University and since 2002 as Managing Director of Minervation Ltd, a consultancy company who do clever digital stuff for charities, universities and the public sector. Most recently André has been the driving force behind the Mental Elf and the National Elf Service. *The Mental Elf is a blogging platform that presents expert summaries of the latest reliable research and disseminates this evidence across social media. They have published thousands of blogs over the last 10 years, written by experts and discussed by patients, practitioners and researchers. This innovative digital platform helps professionals keep up to date with simple, clear and engaging summaries of evidence-based research. André is a Trustee at the Centre for Mental Health and an Honorary Research Fellow at University College London Division of Psychiatry. He lives in Bristol, surrounded by dogs, elflings and lots of woodland!

Bio via The Mental Elf