Adverse childhood experiences and trauma: the implications for practice

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30 Mar 2017

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IET Glasgow: Teacher Building
14 St Enoch Square
G1 4DB

There is a growing acknowledgement of the role of adverse childhood experiences and traumatic stress in poor mental health, harmful behaviour and health difficulties. While this appreciation is positive, there has been less focus on how workers can meaningfully respond to this.

This event will focus on the practical and pragmatic implications for workers and services by;

  • explaining how adversity contributes to difficulties
  • exploring how services and individual workers can respond
  • providing practical and tangible actions and strategies to implement
  • enabling multi-disciplinary discussion and interaction

It will provide perspectives from a range of mental health roles and comment on the implications of settings including education, care and the community.

This course will be valuable for those supporting children and young people who have experienced adversity and trauma, who work in education, residential care, foster care, social services and health services and others with an interest in trauma are welcome to attend.

About the speakers

Professor Helen Minnis

Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow.

Dr Sandra Ferguson

Head of Programme, Supervision and Trauma NES for Scotland.

Dr Aileen Blower

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Dr Andrew Dawson


Dr Leigh Anne Love

Principle Clinical Psychologist at Forensic CAMHS.

Susan Anne Baird

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, East Glasgow CAMHS.

Dr Anne Carpenter McKechnie

Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist Glasgow Psychological Trauma Service.

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