Sleep and mental health in children and young people

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2 Jun 2017

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Engineers' House
The Promenade, Clifton Down

Sleep difficulties are common in children and adolescents, especially in some high-risk groups, such as young people with developmental difficulties or mental health problems. Clinicians working in paediatric or child mental health settings need an understanding of sleep disorders, how sleep disturbance impacts on a young person’s physical and cognitive development and mental health and how such disorders can be prevented and treated.

During this one-day conference the following aspects will be covered;

  • The basic neurobiology of sleep including psychological and physical effects of poor sleep
  • Sleep disorders and their treatment
  • The use of medication in sleeps disorders

Case studies will be used to illustrate the complex interactions between sleep and mental health.

Why attend?

After you have attended this seminar you will:

  • Have a greater understanding of sleep disorders and the link with mental health
  • Be able to appreciate the many ways in which sleep disorders are relevant to paediatric and mental health practice
  • Understand the prevention and treatment of sleep disturbance in children and young people

About the speakers

Dr Catherine Hill:

Dr Catherine Hill is an Associate Professor of Child Health in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton and certified European Somnologist. She was appointed Senior Lecturer in Child Health in 1998 having graduated in medicine from the University of Southampton. After completing basic clinical training in general paediatrics and neonatology followed in by a position as cystic fibrosis research fellow, she pursued specialist training neurodisability and behavioural medicine.

As paediatric sleep medicine is an emerging field in the UK she supplemented her training in polysomnographic techniques both at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Sydney Australia and the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine. This enabled her to obtain funding to develop a two-bedded paediatric polysomnography research laboratory in the Southampton Wellcome Trust Clinical Research facility. She now heads up a multi-disciplinary sleep team based within Southampton Children’s Hospital, which receives supra-regional referrals and provides training courses for sleep professionals nationally. Her research interests focus on the interplay between sleep and neurocognition particularly in children with developmental disorders

Evelyn Stewart:

Following a varied career including working with the Community Health Visiting Team, CAMHS, and Education, Evelyn now works for Southampton Children’s Sleep Disorder Service and has done so for the last 8 years. Her role is to manage the Paediatric Sleep Practitioner Team ensuring that the Sleep Practitioner’s caseloads are closely supervised. Evelyn also leads in the assessment of children with behavioural sleep disorders, creates individualised sleep management programmes for families, and supports families while sleep programmes are implemented.

In 2008 Evelyn created a Sleep Information and Assessment Day for parents. This has been independently evaluated. The evaluation was presented at the annual scientific conference of the British Association of Community Child Health and was awarded a prize for the best free paper in 2012.

Evelyn also oversees all aspects of the organisation and ongoing development of the Southampton Sleep Training courses and teaches approximately 40% of the training material. 

Evelyn has her own private paediatric sleep practice and teaches on the subject of sleep on a number of degree courses as well as working with education to raise the awareness of good sleep practices.

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