Editorial: It is time to modernize the concept of ADHD!

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‘Editorial: It is time to modernize the concept of ADHD!’

Free Access paper from the JCPP

People with ADHD in our society struggle, and they often report that they experience a lack of full acceptance in society. The realization that the current situation is suboptimal for individuals with ADHD and for society as a whole leads to a call of researchers, clinicians, and people with lived experience and their families for a modernized concept of ADHD. This new concept should take the discourse on ADHD to the next level: from a limited, symptom- and impairment-driven paradigm to a dynamic model that acknowledges ADHD’s heterogeneity and integrates weaknesses and strengths, focused on individual trajectories in functioning and self-management.

Authors: Barbara Franke, on behalf of the ‘Modernizing the concept of ADHD’ (MocA) Team

First published: 12 May 2023


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