Review: Digital experiences and their impact on the lives of adolescents with pre-existing anxiety, depression, eating and nonsuicidal self-injury conditions – a systematic review

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Open Access paper from our CAMH journal 2023 Special Issue

Background – Published systematic reviews provide evidence linking positive and negative digital experiences to adolescent mental health. However, these reviews focus on the general public rather than the digital experiences of adolescents with different pre-existing mental health conditions and so may be limited in their clinical relevance. We review publications relating to anxiety, depression, eating disorders and nonsuicidal self-injury to identify common and condition-specific digital experiences and how these may be implicated in the origins and maintenance of these mental health conditions.

Authors; Katarzyna Kostyrka-Allchorne, Mariya Stoilova, Jake Bourgaize, Miriam Rahali, Sonia Livingstone, Edmund Sonuga-Barke

First published: 07 December 2022

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