The network structure of posttraumatic stress symptoms in war-affected children and adolescents

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Open Access paper from JCPP Advances

Background – It is unclear whether findings from previous network analyses of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms among children and adolescents are generalizable to youth living in war-torn settings and whether there are differences in the structure and connectivity of symptoms between children and adolescents. This study examined the network structure of PTSD symptoms in a sample of war-affected youth and compared the symptom networks of children and adolescents.

Authors; Florian Scharpf, Laura Saupe, Anselm Crombach, Roos Haer, Hawkar Ibrahim, Frank Neuner, Kirsi Peltonen, Samir Qouta, Regina Saile, Tobias Hecker

First published: 28 December 2022

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