Tonic and phasic irritability in 6-year-old children: differential correlates and outcomes

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Objective – Irritability is a common and clinically important problem in children and adolescents and a risk factor for later psychopathology and impairment. Irritability can manifest in both tonic (e.g., irritable, touchy mood) and phasic (e.g., temper outburst) forms, and recent studies of adolescents suggest that they predict different outcomes. However, no studies have examined whether tonic and phasic irritability are empirically distinguishable in 6-year-old children and whether they have distinct correlates and outcome

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Authors: Jamilah Silver, Daniel M. Mackin, Sara J. Bufferd, Lea R. Dougherty, Brandon L. Goldstein, Gabrielle A. Carlson, Daniel N. Klein

First published: 27 August 2022

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