JCPP Editorial: Volume 63, Issue 06, June 2022

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Prevention is the best cure

Geertjan Overbeek


In this issue of Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, many interesting research findings converge to suggest that prevention and early intervention strategies can be the key to building healthier societies with happier people. Across different societies, we observe that scientific attention and practice is becoming more evenly divided between the traditionally dominant focus on clinical disorders and residential treatments on the one hand and a burgeoning focus on prevention and resilience in ambulant settings and younger populations on the other hand.

We hope you enjoy the full editorial of this Issue, which is free on the Wiley Online Library.

Dr. Geertjan Overbeek

Dr. Geertjan Overbeek is a professor of child and adolescent development at the research institute child development and education (RICDE) at the University of Amsterdam. His work focuses on the role of family and peer contexts in child and adolescent social-emotional development, and on parenting and peer intervention programs aimed at stimulating resilience and mental health in youth.


Hi I am an academic and researcher from Northern Ireland and would like to connect with Prof Overbeek.
Would it be possible to have his email address?

Many thanks

Matt Kempen

We’ll pass on your details

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