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Professor Joan Luby is the Samuel and Mae S. Ludwig Professor of Child Psychiatry and Director of the Early Emotional Development Program at the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, USA. She is also Co-PI of the NIMH Post-doctoral training program in developmental affective neuroscience.

Prof Joan Luby
Prof. Joan Luby

Joan’s research interests include: studies of early onset depression, validators, clinical characteristics, biological markers and alterations in brain structure and function related to early onset depression; psychotherapeutic treatments for early onset depression focusing on emotion development; studies of early experience and brain development; effects of poverty on brain development; investigation of the mechanisms of adversity and nurturance on neurodevelopment; and sensitive periods in emotion development.

“I look forward to joining the JCPP team and being a part of this distinguished and high-quality international journal. I see this as an opportunity to review and advance rigorous and innovative research on developmental psychopathology.”


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