March 2020 – The Bridge

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The Bridge, ACAMH’s Magazine, shares the latest clinically relevant child and adolescent mental health research, best practice, and policy. We publish accessible, interesting, and useful articles to inform our readers’ work with young people, bridging the gap between expert evidence and current practice.

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Welcome to the March 2020 issue of The Bridge on attachment.

Click on the front cover to download the issue as a pdf. Each of the articles can be read via the links below, and they each have individual pdfs to download.

Articles from this edition

Can ‘FRIENDS’ in school help prevent anxiety?

Child mental health professionals need more technology training

Obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms predict anxiety, and vice versa

Is parental educational status to blame for academic problems in children?

Early adoption protects against internalizing, but not externalizing, problems

Can adult ASD outcomes be predicted by clinical measures made during childhood?

Assessing and treating anxiety disorders: does one size really fit all?

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