In Conversation… Prof. Cathy Cresswell – Anxiety and ‘Emerging Minds’

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Cathy Cresswell, Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford, discusses anxiety and ‘Emerging Minds’ – action for child mental health, with freelance journalist Jo Carlowe.

In this podcast Prof. Cathy Cresswell discusses some of the issues surrounding anxiety in children, the latest research and developments, and the different treatments available. Cathy also explains about the UKRI Research Network Plus called Emerging Minds, and how this aims to transform and promote good mental health.

You can listen to this podcast directly on our website or on the following platforms;  SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, CastBox, Deezer, Google Podcasts and (not available in the EU).

You can find Prof. Cathy Cresswell on Twitter @Cathy_Cresswell together with Emerging Minds @EmergingMindsUK, plus please visit the soon to be launched website.

Professor Cathy Creswell
Professor Cathy Creswell

Cathy is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at University of Oxford, NIHR Research Professor,
Honorary Consultant clinical Psychologist (Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust). Her research mainly focuses on the development, maintenance and treatment of anxiety disorders in children and young people. Her team apply a broad range of methods (including experimental, longitudinal, clinical trial and qualitative methods and systematic reviews) with children, young people and families in both community and clinical settings, with the ultimate aim of improving access to and outcomes from psychological treatments for these common conditions. (Bio via University of Oxford)

Cathy is the lead of the UKRI Research Network Plus called Emerging Minds: Action for Child Mental Health. Emerging Minds aims to transform the promotion of good mental health, and prevention and treatment of mental health problems in children and young people by developing an interdisciplinary and cross-sector research network, providing training opportunities for early career researchers, and facilitating the development of research projects.



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