Developing Psychological Flexibility: ACT and the Importance of Student Mental Health

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In this In Conversation podcast, clinical psychologist and lecturer Dr. Nic Hooper discusses his research into an approach to mental health named Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), plus shares insight into the importance of student mental health.

Discussion points include;

  • What is ACT?
  • Why student life is difficult for so many students
  • The impact of COVID 19 on students
  • The importance of student mental health
  • Particular groups of students who are more vulnerable to mental health issues at university
  • How students can best look after themselves
  • What can be done to support students at university

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Dr. Nic Hooper
Dr. Nic Hooper

Dr. Nic Hooper is an expert in clinical psychology and a Lecturer at Cardiff University. He has authored many scientific articles, book chapters and books including The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Diary (published annually), The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Journal, The Research Journey of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and The Unbreakable Student. Nic is also a co-director of Connect-Ed (which offers ACT-based workshops to those in the education sector) and Connect PSHE (which offers an ACT-based wellbeing curriculum to primary schools). (Bio from Dr Nic Hooper)

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