December 2019 The Bridge Editorial

Last updated 4 January 2024
Juliette Kennedy

Welcome to the December 2019 edition of The Bridge.

It has been 2 years since The Bridge was relaunched in its current form. Each monthly themed edition publishes summaries of selected papers from the ACAMH journals – JCPP and CAMH – and occasionally features guest research digests. Over the past two years we have covered a huge range of topics and published over 170 research summaries and counting.

These articles are usually accompanied with a glossary and a suggested reading list, which continue to produce a valuable education resource. What’s more… it is available for free!

The 170 research digests in The Bridge have so far totalled over 52,000 page views. 2020 brings exciting plans to increase the reach of The Bridge to a wider audience and we will also continue to produce a monthly newsletter where you can sign-up to hear all of the latest ‘The Bridge’ news brought straight to your inbox, please sign up here.

In this edition we summarise a range of research papers that have been published in 2019: Alshaban et al. explore if parental consanguinity predicts the severity of Autistic symptoms; Ahmadzadeh et al. study the transmission of intergenerational anxiety in families; Mavranezouli et al’s systematic review looks into the effectiveness of available interventions to treat PTSD in young people; Rimfeld et al’s fascinating study explores the efficacy of teacher assessments vs exams to assess performance in schools in the UK; Stuart et al. study the relationship between intolerance of uncertainty and extreme demand avoidance (PDA) in young people with Autism; Wass et al. examine how fluctuations in external environmental noise affect the developing Autonomic Nervous System in babies.

I do hope you enjoy this edition and on behalf of all at The Bridge, I would like to wish you peace and joy for the festive season.

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I am a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist working clinically in a North Yorkshire CAMHS team. I am Associate Director of Medical Education in the trust I work in, also Training Program director for CAMHS higher training in Yorkshire.

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