Parents with BD receive online support

Last updated 15 December 2023

The value of a unique interactive, web-based resource that provides psychoeducational and parenting information for patients with bipolar disorder (BD) and young children has been supported by promising results of a randomised, controlled pilot trial (ISRCTN75279027). According to the study, which randomised 97 eligible adults from UK NHS trusts, Integrated Bipolar Parenting Intervention (IBPI) is a feasible strategy to help reduce parenting stress, improve sense of competence, and reduce risk of associated child behavioural problems, when used in combination with the patient’s usual treatment. Although IBPI achieved a high retention rate (90%) to the 48-week follow-up, only 53% of participants accessed the parenting (Triple P) modules during the trial. Future trials that explore the impact of parental mood, the longevity of the benefits of IBPI on risk of mental health problems in children, and clinical and cost-effectiveness are planned.

Jones, S. H., Jovanoska, J., Calam, R., Wainwright, L. D., Vincent, H., Asar, O., Diggle, P. J., Parker, R., Long, R., Sanders, M. & Lobban, F. (2017), Web-based integrated bipolar parenting intervention for parents with bipolar disorder: a randomised controlled pilot trial. J Child Psychol Psychiatr, 58:1033-1041. doi:10.1111/jcpp.12745

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