conduct problems

  • Natalie Goulter

    Kindergarten conduct problems are associated with monetized outcomes in adolescence and adulthood

    Open Access paper from the JCPP – ‘Participants were from two multisite longitudinal studies: Fast Track and the Child Development Project. Parents and teachers reported on kindergarten conduct problems, administrative and national database records yielded indexes of criminal offending, and participants self-reported their government and medical service use. Outcomes were assigned costs, and significant associations were adjusted for inflation to determine USD 2020 costs.’ Natalie Goulter (pic) et al.

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  • Professor Eva Kimonis

    Conduct Problems & Callous-Unemotional Traits in Young Children: Facial Reactions to Emotional Films

    In this podcast, we are joined by Professor Eva Kimonis to discuss her recent JCPP paper ‘Facial reactions to emotional films in young children with conduct problems and varying levels of callous-unemotional traits’. Eva is the first author of the paper.

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  • Dr. Bolanle Adeyemi Ola

    CAMH Editorial: Volume 27, Issue 3, August 2022

    This editorial presents the contentious debate among authors from different disciplines on the problems of psychiatric diagnoses with conduct disorder, and opposition-defiant disorder as case illustrations. Furthermore, it provides an overview of opinions of experts on mental health interventions for adolescent refugees.

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  • Dr. Aja Murray

    ADHD, Comorbidity, and Longitudinal Research

    In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Aja Murray, winner of ACAMH’s Kathy Sylva ‘Rising Star’ Award 2021, about her research into developmental aspects of mental health phenotypes and their comorbidity, with a particular interest in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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