• jcpp advances

    Research Review: The typical and atypical development of empathy: How big is the gap from lab to field?

    Open Access paper from JCPP Advances – “Empathy-understanding and sharing someone else’s feelings-is crucial for social bonds. Studies on empathy development are limited and mainly performed with behavioural assessments. This is in contrast to the extensive literature on cognitive and affective empathy in adults. However, understanding the mechanisms behind empathy development is critical to developing early interventions to support children with limited empathy.” Chiara Bulgarelli and Emily J. H. Jones

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  • Is infant empathy linked with later externalizing problems?

    Until recently, it has been assumed that young infants cannot feel empathy for others.1 However, emerging data suggest that this might not actually be the case.2 Now, Yael Paz and colleagues have examined empathy development during the first years of life, analysing data from 165 infants involved in a longitudinal, prospective study.

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  • Reconstructing child psychopathy

    Reconstructing child psychopathy into grandiose-manipulative, callous emotional and daring-impulsive traits will facilitate diagnosis and treatment of conduct disorder.

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  • Low empathy in adolescent boys predicts violent behaviour in adulthood

    Low empathy and low resting heart rate are established, independent risk factors of antisocial behaviour. Now, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have studied whether an interaction between these two factors during adolescence might mediate violent behaviour in early adulthood.

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  • Designing services with patients calls for curiosity and empathy

    “I took my knowledge from the NHS about involving patients and combined that with design tools from commercial software development,”

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