neuroimaging research

  • Dr. Johnna Swartz

    Reward- and threat-related neural function associated with depression

    The focus of this podcast is on the recently published JCPP paper ‘Reward- and threat-related neural function associated with risk and presence of depression in adolescents: a study using a composite risk score in Brazil’, co-authored by Dr. Johnna Swartz.

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  • Assistant Professor Dr. Dienke Bos

    In Conversation… Assistant Professor Dr. Dienke Bos on Neuroimaging

    Dr. Bos looks at the typical development of behavioural control and how this is represented naturally, magnetic resonance imaging to monitor brain changes in relation to childhood development, and where the evidence is that early intervention can slow or reverse damage. Includes transcription, and links.

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  • Identifying imaging biomarkers in the neonatal brain

    The past decade has seen great improvements in magnetic resonance imaging technologies, such that it is now possible to image the developing brain in utero. In 2018, Dafnis Batalle and colleagues compiled an Annual Research Review for the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, where they evaluated the current status of neuroimaging research in neonates and paediatrics to determine the origins of neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders.

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