psychiatric disorders

  • JCPP Editorial: Volume 64, Issue 11, November 2023

    Editorial: “Salutogenic mental health science—A phoenix rising from the pathogenic ashes of psychiatry?” by Helen L. Fisher

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  • Dr. Eric Fombonne

    Dr. Eric Fombonne trained in child and adolescent psychiatry in France. He held appointments as clinical scientist at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research  (INSERM, France), as Senior Lecturer and Reader at the Institute of Psychiatry and Maudsley Hospital, King’s College London, UK (1993-2001), as tenured Professor of Psychiatry at McGill University (Canada), Head of the Division of Child Psychiatry and Canada Research Chair in Child Psychiatry (2001-2012). 

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  • How can we model the brain when it goes awry? How Reinforcement Learning Models can shed light on Psychiatric Disorders that emerge during Development.

    It is well-established that many psychiatric disorders initially emerge during the formative time periods of childhood and adolescence (Kessler et al., 2005; Paus, Keshavan, & Giedd, 2008), when the brain is consistently subject to growth and experience-related changes. This applies not only to classic neurodevelopmental disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) but also to psychiatric disorders like depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which are often attributed to adulthood (Hauser, Will, Dubois, & Dolan, 2019).

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    JCPP Editorial: Volume 57, Issue 01, January 2016

    “Distinguishing between the challenges posed by surface and deep forms of heterogeneity to diagnostic systems: do we need a new approach to subtyping of child and adolescent psychiatric disorders” by Edmund Sonuga-Barke

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