• Dave McPartlan

    Redistributing power in schools and how this can impact young people’s agency and identity

    Recent Guardian articles have been reporting how this year’s GCSE exam results have been impacted by the crisis in young people’s mental health. There is increasing concern among school leaders about school absence and abnormal levels of anxiety. As I embark on the third blog related to my research, I explore how the research processes I developed, positively impacted the young people involved and acts as a counter to much of what young people see as being wrong with schools.

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  • Dave McPartlan

    Developing schools to enhance young people’s mental health

    Research has shown that many risk factors influence young people’s mental health needs, one of which is school expectations. The youth mental health crisis continues, with one in six young people (aged 6-16) having a probable mental health problem. My research aimed to determine what young people thought of their mental health strategy. However, the way in which the research process developed suggests schools have much more to offer than just specific mental health support.

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  • Primary school children smiling at a book

    Pedagogy in practice – Whole School Approach to Mental Health (recording)

    This free Whole School Approach to Mental Health session was exclusively for teachers and school leaders, and Chartered College of Teaching Members. ACAMH is delighted to have teamed up with the Chartered College of Teaching to present these FREE online training series entitled ‘Pedagogy in practice’.

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  • Kristjan Kikerpill

    Doom-monitoring Students’ Online Interactions and Content Creation in Schools

    In this ‘Papers Podcast’, we are joined by Professor Andra Siibak and Kristjan Kikerpill (pic) to discuss their CAMH journal 2023 Special issue paper ‘Schools engaged in doom-monitoring students’ online interactions and content creation: an analysis of dominant media discourses’.

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  • Portrait of a poor little thailand girl lost in deep thoughts, poverty, Poor children, War refugees

    Adverse Childhood Experiences for schools – a MindEd e-learning Training (recording)

    This free session was the second of ACAMH’s Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Special Interest Group Monthly seminars. In this session we discussed ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences for schools – a MindEd e-learning Training’.

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  • Jacalyn Guy

    Dimensions of cognition, behaviour, and mental health in struggling learners: A spotlight on girls

    Open Access paper from JCPP Advances – “Gender biases to stereotypically male behaviours are prevalent among practitioners, even when the focus is on identifying cognitive and learning difficulties. This underscores the need to include cognitive and female-representative criteria in diagnostic systems to identify girls whose difficulties could go easily undetected.” Jacalyn Guy (pic) et al.

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  • teacher in headscarf explaining English grammar rules to students.

    Trauma – Pedagogy in practice recording

    ACAMH is delighted to have teamed up with the Chartered College of Teaching to present these FREE online training series entitled ‘Pedagogy in practice’, this session was on Trauma.

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  • Female,High,School,Tutor,Helping,Students,Wearing,Uniform,Seated,Around

    Bullying and Loneliness ‘Pedagogy in practice’ – recording

    Presentations by Dr. Verity Jones, Associate Professor, University of the West of England, Bristol, and Sharon Mangoma MCCT, followed by a discussion with panelists Harriet Gill, Managing Director of Education and Wellbeing, Coram Life Education, and Jenny Barksfield, Deputy CEO and Director of Education, PSHE Association.

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  • Professor Helen Dodd

    Adventurous Play: A Prevention For Anxiety

    As part of ACAMH’s celebration of Playday, the national day for play (3 August 2022), we are joined by Professor Helen Dodd to discuss child mental health and the importance of adventurous play.

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  • Dr. Tina Rae

    Supporting Child Refugees in Educational Settings

    This Refugee Week, we are joined by Dr. Tina Rae to explore how best to support child refugees within educational settings.

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