ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)

  • Dr. Tycho Dekkers

    Dr. Dekkers is Assistant Professor at the Department of Developmental Psychology of the University of Amsterdam. He also holds a research position at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University Medical Center Groningen, and works as works as a licensed therapist and coordinator of the ADHD team at Levvel, Academic Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Specialized Youthcare in Amsterdam. He is a Joint Editor of CAMH. 

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  • Cord blood metabolites linked with an ADHD diagnosis in childhood

    Researchers in the USA have analysed whether the levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) detectable in maternal plasma and newborn cord blood are associated with the development of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) later in childhood.

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  • Childhood behaviour patterns linked with romantic partnering in adulthood

    Children with behavioural disorders, such as ADHD or conduct disorder, are more likely to experience partnership problems in adulthood, including partner conflict and lower relationship satisfaction.

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  • Dr. Michael Bloch

    Michael H. Bloch, M.D., M.S. graduated from Yale School of Medicine and completed his child and adult psychiatry training at Yale.  He is currently an Associate Professor at the Yale Child Study Center.  His research focuses on evidence-based medicine and developing improved treatments for individuals with mental illness across the lifespan using clinical trials and meta-analysis

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  • Professor Sara Jaffee

    Sara Jaffee is a professor of psychology and the director of graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a developmental psychopathologist who conducts research on at-risk families and children.

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  • Professor Scott Kollins Phd

    Professor Scott Kollins Phd

    Dr. Kollins is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine, where he has served on the faculty for more than 20 years. Dr. Kollins is the Global Lead for ADHD and Co-Lead for Digital Health Solutions at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI).

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  • Professor Tony Attwood

    Tony Attwood on Autism – Adolescent Issues for Autistic Teenagers

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  • Professor Kapil Sayal

    Professor Kapil Sayal appointed as prestigious NIHR Senior Investigator

    Congratulations to CAMH Editor, Professor Kapil Sayal who has been appointed as a new NIHR Senior Investigator.

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  • Dr. Claudia Lugo-Candelas

    ADHD and risk for subsequent adverse childhood experiences: understanding the cycle of adversity

    Video abstract by Dr. Claudia Lugo‐Candelas ‘ADHD and risk for subsequent adverse childhood experiences: understanding the cycle of adversity’.

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  • Dr. Stephanie Ameis

    ADHD in CYP with autism, and pharmacological treatment ‘CAMHS around the Campfire’ – FREE

    FREE virtual journal club #CAMHScampfire welcomes Dr. Stephanie Ameis as we discuss her JCPP ‘Practitioner Review: Pharmacological treatment of attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms in children and youth with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review and meta‐analysis’. 17.00 UK, 18.00 CET, 12 noon EST. ACAMH Members attending will be eligible for a CPD certificate.

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