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  • Lucy Jonas

    Impact of Childhood Adversities on the Mental Health of LGBT+ Youth

    In this podcast, we are joined by Lucy Jonas to discuss her recent JCPP Advances paper ‘A systematic review and meta-analysis investigating the impact of childhood adversities on the mental health of LGBT+ youth’.

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  • LGBT adolescents, sexting, and consent

    The exact prevalence of sexting is still under academic debate. Yet the dominant discourses appear to associate it with adolescents; this association exists partially due to the media stories conveying negative consequences and moral panics regarding adolescent suicide cases as a result of sexting (Dobson, 2017).

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  • Guest Blog

    How do new family forms affect children’s mental health?

    New family forms, including single-parent households, gay or lesbian parents, and those with children born through assisted reproduction methods like IVF and surrogacy, are becoming ever more common. Professor Susan Golombok, Director of the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge, elaborates on the impacts of these family forms on children’s mental health.

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  • journal covers-JCPP

    JCPP Editorial: Volume 58, Issue 11, November 2017

    “Minding the gap – research on sexual minority and gender nonconforming children and adolescents” by Charles H. Zeanah & Myo Thwin Myint

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  • Top 10 Downloaded Journal Papers

    2022 Top 10 Downloaded Journal Papers

    The results are in, and in recognition of the success of our three journals, the JCPP, the CAMH and JCPP Advances, we are proud to present the top 10 most downloaded papers for each journal, published in 2022.

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  • Bullying

    Anti-Bullying Week 2022: A Priority for All

    This Anti-Bullying Week (14 – 18 November), we have gathered a range of FREE learning resources from leading academics, clinicians, and researchers to raise awareness of the impact of bullying on child and adolescent mental health. We encourage you to share with your networks.

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  • Assistant Professor Akhgar Ghassabian

    Adolescent gender diversity: sociodemographic correlates & mental health outcomes

    In this podcast, we are joined by Assistant Professor Akhgar Ghassabian and Dr. Tonya White to discuss their co-authored JCPP paper ‘Adolescent gender diversity: sociodemographic correlates and mental health outcomes in the general population’.

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  • University Mental Health Day

    #UniMentalHealthDay Shaping the Future of Student Mental Health

    University Mental Health Day encourages universities, students, and the wider community to work together to improve the university experience; to make mental health a university-wide priority; and to help change the future of student mental health. This University Mental Health Day, we encourage you to explore the learning opportunities available on our website, and to share with your networks.

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  • Dr. Christopher AhnAllen

    CAMH Editorial: Volume 25, Issue 1, February 2020

    Editorial: Improving health care for gender diverse youth through education and training. By Dr. Christopher G. AhnAllen

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  • Smiling girl

    Tweens, Teens and Technology: The risks and the benefits

    Vanessa Garrity talks about the pros and cons of digital technology and social media in young people’s mental health.

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