ACAMH Top Reviewers for 2018

In his acceptance speech for receiving the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1982, the Swedish biochemist Sune Bergström stated ‘the literature laureate of this year has said that an author can do anything as long as his readers believe him. A scientist cannot do anything that is not checked and rechecked by scientists of this network before it is accepted’ [1].  Authors, editors, publishers, and readers alike all recognize the need for quality peer review, the necessity of the process by which each submission is ‘checked and rechecked’. At the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (JCPP) and Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH), the practice of peer review helps ensure our impressive standard for high-quality research and scientific rigour is consistently maintained.

In celebration of the strong peer review process upheld by both CAMH and JCPP and in recognition of the exceptional commitment and service to the journals carried out by our reviewers, we are proud to present the list of top reviewers for 2018.

The individuals included in the lists below have been evaluated on the number of reviews they have carried out for the journals in 2018, as well as for the quality and timeliness of their reviews. On behalf of both CAMH and JCPP, we would like to offer our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all these reviewers for their invaluable contributions; their expert analysis and feedback has allowed the journals to continue publishing outstanding research.

Top Reviewers for JCPP, 2018

Margaret Sibley Florida International University
Jed Elison University of Minnesota
Meghan Miller UC Davis MIND Institute
Carl Weems Iowa State University
Kathryn Humphreys Vanderbilt University
Payton Jones Harvard University
Stephen Faraone SUNY Upstate Medical University
Hans-Christoph Steinhausen University of Zurich
Kathleen G. Dobson University of Toronto
Anita Harrewijn National Institute of Mental Health
Tony Charman King’s College London
Linda J. Pfiffner University of California, San Francisco,
Stephen Becker Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Jay Belsky University of California, Davis
Joel Nigg Oregon Health & Science University
David Daley University of Nottingham
Ted Barker King’s College London
Stephen Petrill Ohio State University
Michelle Martel University of Kentucky
Andres Neuhaus Charite Universitätsklinik Berlin
Georgia O’Callaghan National Institutes of Health
James McGough UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital
Megan Gunnar University of Minnesota
Benjamin Lahey University of Chicago
Fionneke Boss University Medical Center Groningen


Top Reviewers for CAMH, 2018

Nicola Evans Cardiff University
Hannah Butler-Coyne Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust
Cara Young University of Texas at Austin
Elin Anita Fadum Norwegian Armed Forces Joint Medical Services
Cherry Hense University of Melbourne
Will Mellick Medical University of South Carolina
Nirbhay Singh Augusta University
Helen McConachie University of Newcastle
Xianchen Liu University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Matthew Goodman Alliant International University, San Diego
Louise Thomson School of Medicine, University of Nottingham
Anthony James University of Oxford
Paul McArdle Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS
John Devaney University of Edinburgh
Kristen Woodberry Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)
Jan Boehnke University of Dundee
Margaret Thompson University of Southampton
Adrienne Garro Kean University
Tessa Reardon University of Oxford
Natalie Ramos University of California, Los Angeles



[1]Sune K. Bergström – Banquet speech. Nobel Media AB 2019. Accessed: 13th September 2019. <>

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