MEDLINE success for Child and Adolescent Mental Health journal (CAMH)

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We are pleased to announce that Child and Adolescent Mental Health journal (CAMH) has now been accepted for inclusion in MEDLINE, the best-known database of the world’s largest medical library, the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

As the premier literature resource of biomedical and life science information, journals indexed in the database are recognised not only for the scientific rigour of the research they publish, but also for their scope and coverage, their administrative and production quality, and the strength of their editorial processes – all the things that contribute to making a great body of evidence-based science!

We are very pleased that CAMH has been recognised for its continued strength in these aspects and for its role in delivering high quality applied research in the field of child and adolescent psychology and psychiatry.

Going forward, we are excited that this new development will increase the visibility and discoverability of articles published in CAMH, allowing for high-quality evidence-based research to reach a wider community of academics and practitioners.

We take this opportunity to thank all the editors (past and present), our colleagues and our publishing partners, Wiley, for helping the journal reach this important milestone.

Prof. Stephen Scott, ACAMH Chair, CAMH Founding Editor, said; “As a founding editor of CAMH many years ago, it is a delight to see how our baby has grown up to be a fine young adult! We set it up to provide accessible top-quality information to practitioners and researchers interested in how best to understand children and help them get better. I’m delighted that it is now going to be even more prominent with its recognition by MEDLINE, a top organisation for promoting excellence. Onwards and upwards!” Prof. Stephen Scott, ACAMH Chair, CAMH Founding Editor

Other words of congratulations from present and past Editors

“CAMH is growing at an unprecedented pace. With a 44% increase in the number of downloads and a 15% increase in citations year on year, it is rapidly becoming a premier source of clinical research. Being registered on MEDLINE will bring even more submissions, even more readers and, ultimately, allow for even more families to benefit from the clinical knowledge generated by the CAMH community.” Dr. Dennis Ougrin, CAMH Editor-in-Chief

“I am thrilled that CAMH has been accepted on MEDLINE thanks to the hard work of the excellent editorial team. This can only mean that our journal will go from strength to strength with increased recognition by authors, reviewers and our international readership. I am excited to be part of the team and looking forward to the next stage of our journal.” Dr. Bernadka Dubicka, CAMH Deputy Editor-in-Chief

“Great news for the authors publishing in CAMH! This means more visibility, and visibility enables authors to participate in and contribute to the field of child and adolescent psychiatry.” Prof. Michael Kaess, CAMH Joint Editor

“I am very pleased that CAMH articles will appear in MEDLINE. This is a well-deserved achievement and will definitely increase its national and international visibility, strengthening its reputation in the field.” Prof. Samuele Cortese, ACAMH Board Member, CAMH Joint Editor

“Fantastic news, CAMH articles can now be found via MEDLINE – this is great news for authors but also systematic reviewers who ensure they become part of the evidence base in the field.” Dr. Thees Spreckelsen, CAMH Associate Editor

“CAMH has gone from strength to strength; there are few multi-disciplinary and practitioner-oriented journals that focus on mental health for children and young people. It is fabulous to see the commitment to high quality applied research recognised by its inclusion in MEDLINE, which will increase the visibility of the research published to the academic and practitioner communities and help further disseminate high quality evidence of relevance to practitioners.” Prof. Tamsin Ford, ACAMH Board Member, CAMH Former Lead Editor

“It is welcome news that CAMH will now be included in MEDLINE. This is great for the journal because the quality of its papers has been recognised – but it’s also good for MEDLINE to include journals publishing applied research aimed at improving professional practice on the frontlines in health, education and care. We need top quality evidence-based practice more than ever.  We also need the inter-disciplinary strength of CAMH to guide joined-up practice.” Prof. Kathy Sylva, ACAMH President, CAMH Former Joint Editor


This is fantastic news. Child and Adolescent mental health has been neglected for such a long time. Congratulations to everyone involved

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