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The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) is the world’s leading multidisciplinary organisation dedicated to improving the mental health and well-being of young people aged 0-25.

We aim to raise standards in the understanding and management of child mental health issues by ‘sharing best evidence, improving practice’ and have published hundreds of FREE resources, working with clinicians, practitioners and world-leading child mental health researchers across an array of child and adolescent mental health domains.

From podcasts and blogs to FREE events and the ability to access a number of FREE recorded lectures, there are multiple opportunities on our website to aid the professional development of all those working to support the mental health of children and young people.

As part of our commitment to sharing information and best practice, we are delighted to offer you the chance to get FREE A3 posters to help raise awareness of the learning opportunities available at ACAMH. These are perfect for brightening up your staff room and sharing with your colleagues.

Visit and order now to be part of the advancement of child and adolescent mental health.


Thank you for the resources.
I am working with Teachers and Learners at the Basic Schooling sector and the podcasts and posters will be helpful.

Thanks for the initiatives geared towards reducing the high incidences of mental disorders in young people globally.
Hopefully when the anticipated materials arrive, we are going to utilise them during our mental health promotion awareness campaigns in schools and communities in the sugarcane growing districts in Uganda East Africa.
Thank you once again.

So inspiring that you are making psychology accessible to all working towards preventative planned measures rather than only being able to be reactive to key issues affecting people.

Please could you send me the posters for our well-being room.
Many thanks,

Matt Kempen

sure, if you can complete and free order form we can get them out to you

Mental Health has no vote nationally and that’s why we are always pestering you to access us some of your resources both material and financial.
Nevertheless we thank you very much for your generous materials contribution through the emails though we do not have enough capacity to print it out for our staff and fellow orgazations.

Greetings ACAMH

May I request your free A3 Posters amd free information and guidance leaflets, which we may give to our young people attending our weekly Youth Hub amd mentoring services!

With thanks

Mr Iqhawe
Core Cordinator-Community & Engagement Officer
Merton Connected

Matt Kempen

That would be great. All you need to do is complete the order form.

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