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In this podcast, Dr Seonaid Anderson and Helen Eadie, of Tourettes Action, define Tourettes Syndrome and expand on its impact. Together with Jo Carlowe, psychology journalist, they explore the next steps for raising identification, awareness, and positive outcomes.

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Helen Eadie

Helen is the information manager for the national leading charity Tourettes Action – an information, support and research charity working to improve the lives of individuals and families living with Tourette Syndrome. Helen has worked for the organisation for 8 years; she manages the charity’s digital and print content, delivering accurate and current information and resources for the use of service users and professionals.

Dr. Seonaid Anderson
Dr. Seonaid Anderson

Seonaid is a chartered research psychologist and freelance neurodiversity consultant with many years experience in neurodevelopmental disorders. She provides support to research professionals at every stage of the research process and to healthcare experts in their clinical work, for individuals, universities as well as the public sector. She provides specialist advice and guidance on the treatment and management of a range of neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism spectrum disorders (ASD), attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Tourette Syndrome, dyslexia, and mental health. She is on Twitter @Seonaidanderso2 and can be found on LinkedIn.

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