JCPP 2023 Special Issue – ‘Innovation in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Interventions’

The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (JCPP) are delighted to announce the JCPP 2023 Special Issue on ‘Innovation in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Interventions’, edited by Paul Ramchandani, Tim Dalgleish, Joan Luby, Bradley Peterson, and Edmund Sonuga-Barke. 

With children and adolescents showing higher levels of mental health problems in many countries, and many Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) struggling to deliver services to all those who need support, it is becoming increasingly important to develop new and more effective interventions and approaches to care.

In their fantastic Special Issue Editorial, Paul Ramchandani et al. highlight the importance of the Special Issue in bringing together ‘papers that include approaches seated alongside CAMHS in public mental health, innovative single session interventions, models from low-and-middle income countries and the use of new advances in research methodologies’ and emphasize the need to ‘innovate and learn from different fields, different models, and different countries, and [to] continue to improve our research methods and clinical approaches using this knowledge’.

With this in mind, this JCPP Special Issue aims to:

  • Explore the ways in which CAMH services are struggling to deliver services to those in need.
  • Examine the solutions to the challenges CAMH services face.
  • Engage different fields, models, and countries to improve clinical approaches.

We hope that you can access our Open Access papers and accompanying resources, and do please share with colleagues to better understand various innovations in child and adolescent mental health interventions.

Open Access Papers


  • Editorial: ‘Innovation in child and adolescent mental health interventions’, (November 2023), Paul Ramchandani, Tim Dalgleish, Joan Luby, Bradley Peterson, Edmund Sonuga-Barke


Original Articles

  • Original Article ‘Report from a randomized control trial: improved alignment between circadian biology and sleep–wake behavior as a mechanism of depression symptom improvement in evening-type adolescents with depressive symptoms’, (August 2023), Lauren D. Asarnow, Adriane Soehner, Emily Dolsen, Lulu Dong, Allison G. Harvey


  • Original Article ‘Testing reciprocal associations between child anxiety and parenting across early interventions for inhibited preschoolers’, (August 2023), Danielle R. Novick, Christian T. Meyer, Nicholas J. Wagner, Kenneth H. Rubin, Christina M. Danko, Lea R. Dougherty, Lindsay R. Druskin, Kelly A. Smith, Andrea Chronis-Tuscano


  • Original Article ‘Early indicators of response to transdiagnostic treatment of pediatric anxiety and depression’, (August 2023), Pauline Goger, Michelle Rozenman, Araceli Gonzalez, David A. Brent, Giovanna Porta, Frances L. Lynch, John F. Dickerson, V. Robin Weersing


Research Reviews

  • Research Review ‘Current evidence and opportunities in child and adolescent public mental health: a research review’, (September 2023), Mina Fazel, Emma Soneson


  • Research Reviews ‘Advances in methods for evaluating child and adolescent mental health interventions’ (October 2023), Andrew Pickles, Danielle Edwards, Levente Horvath, Richard Emsley


  • Research Review ‘Psychological and psychosocial interventions for children and adolescents with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder in low- and middle-income countries – a systematic review and meta-analysis’, (October 2023), Cansu Alozkan-Sever, Jana R. Uppendahl, Pim Cuijpers, Ralph de Vries, Atif Rahman, Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz, Aemal Akhtar, Zhuoli Zheng, Marit Sijbrandij


Practitioner Review

  • Practitioner Review ‘Effectiveness and mechanisms of change in participatory arts-based programmes for promoting youth mental health and well-being – a systematic review’, (October 2023), Emma Williams, Sarah Glew, Hannah Newman, Agneiska Kapka, Nicola Shaughnessy, Ruth Herbert, Jackie Walduck, Annette Foster, Paul Cooke, Ruth Pethybridge, Caitlin Shaughnessy, Siobhan Hugh-Jones

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