• Neuroscience Edition

    Welcome to this Neuroscience themed edition of The Bridge.
    The Royal College of Psychiatrists is currently promoting the neurosciences in its curriculum, for training Psychiatrists of the future. One of the many reasons for this is to develop more “Parity of Esteem” between physical and mental health conditions.

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  • JCPP Editorial: Volume 60, Issue 06, June 2019

    “Correlation and causation: to study causality in psychopathology” by Arne Lervåg

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  • Prof. Angelica Ronald

    JCPP Editorial: Volume 60, Issue 05, May 2019

    “The psychopathology p factor: will it revolutionise the science and practice of child and adolescent psychiatry?” by Angelica Ronald

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  • Dr. Dennis Ougrin

    CAMH Editorial: Volume 24, Issue 1, February 2019

    The way I see it is that CAMH should continue to grow to become one of the leading sources for clinically relevant knowledge worldwide. I would like you, our readers, to think of CAMH whenever you need clinical advice.

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  • PTSD edition

    Trauma can occur in many forms from single exposure to a life-threatening or fear-inducing event, to sustained trauma ranging from neglect, other abuses, famine or war. All of which can present in clinical practice.

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  • Sleep Edition

    This edition of The Bridge concentrates on sleep, a poignant reminder that I am editing this on a 6am train to London having shortened my own sleep cycle and feeling rather sleep deprived on this dark winter morning.

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