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Joint Editor 

Professor Angelica Ronald

Angelica Ronald is joint editor of JCPP, handling approximately 40 manuscripts each year. She is Professor of Psychology and Genetics at Birkbeck, University of London, where she runs the Genes Environment Lifespan laboratory.

Of the role, she says: “For me, JCPP has always been the go-to journal for cutting edge, robust science in our field. I love being part of the editorial team. Many of the past and present editors are giants in the field of child development and so it’s a huge honour to have this role.”


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JCPP Editorial: Volume 61, Issue 05, May 2020

“Polygenic scores in child and adolescent psychiatry – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats” by Angelica Ronald

JCPP Editorial: Volume 60, Issue 05, May 2019

“The psychopathology p factor: will it revolutionise the science and practice of child and adolescent psychiatry?” by Angelica Ronald

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