• Dr. Emma Sciberras

    Climate change-related worry, engagement, and mental health

    In this podcast, Dr. Emma Sciberras and Dr. Julian Fernando discuss their co-authored paper ‘Climate change-related worry among Australian adolescents: an eight-year longitudinal study’, published in the CAMH 2022 Special Issue on ‘Child and youth mental health & the global ecological crisis’.

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  • Ana Maria Vaz Portugal da Silva

    Pupil size and pupillary light reflex in early infancy

    In this podcast we talk to Ana Maria Portugal,  Developmental Neuroscientist and postdoctoral researcher in developmental behaviour genetics at the Centre of Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Ana was the first author of the recent Open Access JCPP paper, ‘Pupil size and pupillary light reflex in early infancy: heritability and link to genetic liability to schizophrenia’

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  • Dr. Aja Murray

    ADHD, Comorbidity, and Longitudinal Research

    In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Aja Murray, winner of ACAMH’s Kathy Sylva ‘Rising Star’ Award 2021, about her research into developmental aspects of mental health phenotypes and their comorbidity, with a particular interest in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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  • Dr. Joey Frederick

    Sluggish Cognitive tempo; circadian preference, sleep, and daytime sleepiness

    In this podcast, we are joined by Dr. Joey Fredrick to tackle the question ‘Is sluggish cognitive tempo associated with circadian preference, sleep, and daytime sleepiness in adolescence?’. Joey is the first author of a paper on this topic published in the JCPP.

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  • Professor Lina Gega

    Creative Methods and Digital Media: Supporting Psychological Therapies

    In this podcast, we talk to Professor Lina Gega, joint editor of the Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal, about her work on several interesting projects, focusing on using creative methods and digital media to support psychological therapies.

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  • Dr. Dean Burnett

    Adolescent Sleep: Stereotypes and Misunderstandings

    For this podcast, focusing on adolescent sleep, we are joined by celebrated neuroscientist Dr. Dean Burnett, author of The Idiot Brain and a speaker at a February 2022 ACAMH live stream event, The enigma of adolescent sleep: misunderstood science and effective intervention.

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  • Rhiannon Hawkins

    Student Mental Health and What CAMH Professionals Need to Know

    This University Mental Health Day, we are joined by two students, Rhiannon Hawkins and Nathan Randles, to discuss student mental health and what CAMH professionals need to know. (TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that this podcast discusses personal experiences of self-harm and suicide.)

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  • Clara Faria

    From University to Research: A Conversation with an Aspiring Academic Psychiatrist

    For this podcast, we are delighted to interview aspiring academic psychiatrist Clara Faria, winner of the ACAMH 2021 Undergraduate Clinical Trainee of the Year Award and ACAMH’s first Young Person’s Ambassador.

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  • Joanna Foster

    Fire starting; early intervention and education

    In this podcast, criminologist Joanna Foster discusses fire starting in children, early intervention and fire safety education. Joanna is the managing director of fabtic, a company specialising in fire setting behaviour by children.

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  • Eila Kankaanpää

    The long-term cost of childhood conduct problems

    In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Eila Kankaanpää about her co-authored JCPP paper ‘The long-term cost of childhood conduct problems: Finnish Nationwide 1981 Birth Cohort Study’.

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