Assistant Professor Dr. Emma Sprooten

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Assistant Professor Dr. Emma Sprooten
Assistant Professor Dr. Emma Sprooten

Dr. Emma Sprooten is Assistant Professor at the Donders Institute and Radboud University Medical Centre in The Netherlands. The goal of her research is to gain new insights into the biological underpinnings of psychopathology using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and genetics. She currently leads longitudinal imaging genetics study of children and young adults with ADHD. Her expertise also includes affective and psychotic disorders, as well as mechanisms underlying gene-brain-behaviour relationships in the general population. A current focus of Dr Sprooten’s research is the innovative use of genetic and MRI statistics from large samples for optimal application to smaller, deeply phenotyped clinical cohorts. Specific methodological innovations of interest include multivariate analysis of genetic data, cross-disorder meta-analysis, MRI models of cortical myelin, and multi-shell diffusion MRI.

Emma is passionate about contributing to the new JCPP Advances journal, to recognise and promote innovative ideas, methods and findings that can help understand the origins of psychopathology in young people. In this process, Emma is keen to contribute to a publishing climate that is open to honest dissemination of unexpected findings, such as negative replications, while keeping high quality statistical and methodological standards.

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