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Dr. Catharina A. Hartman
Dr. Catharina A. Hartman

Dr. Catharina A. Hartman is Associate Professor of psychiatric epidemiology at the Interdisciplinary Center of Psychopathology and Emotion Regulation (ICPE),  University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), the Netherlands. The overall objective of her research team’s work is to advance mechanistic understanding of the onset and (long-term) course of childhood-onset psychiatric disorders. The leading hypothesis in her work is that childhood psychiatric disorders accelerate the onset of other psychiatric and somatic disorders, throughout the lifespan and across generations. The aim of her work is to unravel such transactions -at the genetic, neurocognitive or behavioral level, and in relation to environmental exposures. Catharina Hartman’s team uses data from longitudinal studies, partly run under her own supervision. Catharina has (co-) authored over 200 original peer-reviewed papers and has a broad international research network.



i want to be in touch with catharina a hatman via email or whatsapp contact.please help me out

Matt Kempen

We cannot give out personal details but if you use a search engine you will find an institutional email

I have not found her institutional email as well
Plz help me out I really need necessary information from her regarding children social behaviour questionnaire
Plzz it’s my request

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