‘OpenHouse on Autism’ – Meal time stress and managing food sensitivities

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We are proud to join with Clinical Partners to present these FREE webinars, designed to help families with autistic children, that will help us work towards our vision of ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’.

This is the second ‘OpenHouse on Autism’ event on Managing your child’s ‘back to school’ anxiety can be viewed below. Sign up for the other upcoming FREE webinars.

Dr. Lucy Sanctuary, Autism specialist with Clinical Partners, eating disorder specialist Dr. Vicki Ford and Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian discover practical ways to address challenges around food.

NB The event starts at 7min 30secs

Dr. Vicki Ford is a Clinical Psychologist, a specialist in ASD, and part of the complex feeding team at Evalina London Children’s Hospital. She’s worked in both community teams and hospital settings now she works in a multidisciplinary team taking referrals from paediatricians primarily in the south-east of England.

Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian is an Independent Practitioner and Honorary Researcher at Kings College London. She is a leading expert in the assessment and treatment of mental health difficulties in ASD, in understanding cognitive pathways to anxiety in ASD, and also working with girls and women on the autism spectrum.



Very interesting

Just wondering if a child with autism says he likes a type of food one day but another day
he appears when angry not to like same food . Why is that.😊

I have grandchildren with autism – they have specific foods that they do really enjoy // some days will try something new like / next day won’t try – or like if do .

Im finding these reads so interesting and helpful

Am just learning as much as I can

Very interesting thank you

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