CAMH Editorial: Volume 22, Issue 3, September 2017

Tim Colebrook
Editorial Assistant at ACAMH

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Editorial: Values based child and adolescent mental health systems

Peter Hindley & Fran Whitaker


There are significant concerns, in countries around the world, about the mental health of children and young people and their access to appropriate services (Kutcher, McLuckie, & for the Child and Youth Advisory Committee, Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2010; Mental Health Commission, 2012; Paula, Lauridsen-Ribeiro, Wissow, Bordin, & Evans-Lacko, 2012; Wolfe & McKee, 2013; Department of Health, 2015). Common themes include: difficulties in accessing services, especially for some vulnerable groups, levels of resourcing, waiting times and training and staffing levels, although there are variations in emphasis.

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