Barriers to emergency department clinicians’ confidence in providing paediatric trauma-informed care

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Open Access paper from JCPP Advances

Background – It has been estimated that around 31% of children will experience a traumatic event during childhood, most commonly serious accidents that lead to hospitalisation. Around 15% of children who experience such events go onto develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Emergency department (ED) clinicians have a unique opportunity to intervene during the early peri-trauma period, which can involve incorporating a trauma-informed approach within their care. The available evidence indicates that clinicians internationally need further education and training to enhance their knowledge and confidence in providing trauma-informed psychosocial care. However, UK/Ireland specific knowledge is limited.

Authors; Nimrah Afzal, Mark D. Lyttle, Eva Alisic, David Trickey, Rachel M. Hiller, Sarah L. Halligan

First published: 21 July 2022

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