Social connectedness and adolescent suicide risk

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‘Social connectedness and adolescent suicide risk’

Open Access paper from the JCPP

Despite evidence of the importance of interpersonal connectedness to our understanding of suicide risk, relatively little research has examined the protective and buffering effects of connectedness among adolescents. The aims of this study were to determine: (a) whether overall connectedness (composite of family, peer, and school) and specific domains of connectedness were related to a lower likelihood of suicide attempts, and (b) whether these factors buffer the prospective risk of suicide attempt for high-risk subgroups (i.e., recent suicidal ideation and/or lifetime history of suicide attempt, peer victimization, or sexual and gender minority status).

Authors: Alejandra Arango, David Brent, Jacqueline Grupp-Phelan, Bradley J. Barney, Anthony Spirito, Megan M. Mroczkowski, Rohit Shenoi, Melinda Mahabee-Gittens, T. Charles Casper, Cheryl King, in collaboration with the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN)

First published: 05 November 2023

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